Went out with a very good friend today, as usual she was late again. Before she arrived I’ve already started my own retail therapy.  We ended the night with dinner and drinks.

Somehow when you drink, it gives you that courage to ask questions or to be really open and talk to your friends. Maybe is just me, somehow during drinking sessions that’s how I felt. She told me that, when I was with my ex I was so blinded and too in love with him. Till the point that she couldn’t understand why. However she did not blame me, as she knows that it was being too in love that has resulted me to change to another person.

She spoke her mind and I appreciate it. It has made me realise the change in me and what I need to do to improve myself. I’m happy to have such a friend like her. Someone who is able to tell you brutally to your face what type of person you are and is time to change and take note of your surroundings.

This friend of mine has never been a serious relationship, rather just flings. Therefore she asked me a very simple question and I wonder what do other people think of it. Her question to me was,

How do you know  if you are seeing or dating a person?

I’ve realised that I never had that problem. As my previous relationships, my partner and I made it very clear that it was official. We are now dating each other and we are only exclusive to each other.

As for her, she and I have very different personality. She’s not even sure if she is seeing this person she likes but she feels as if it is. She and her “friend” has never made it clear that they are exclusive to each other. In her mind it is dating because she’s alright with ambigiouity.

I don’t know, I would prefer a Yes or No answer rather than the ambigiouity. What do you think?