Quite a lot of sources from the internet says that, after a break up is time to make a change. It can be any changes one prefers, be it a change in perspective, diet, makeovers … etc just a change to make yourself better than before!

Well I’ve decided to change quite a few aspects of my life:

  • change in diet and exercise more, more, more!
  • change in my mindset, stop worry so much and just live!
  • change in my whole style, meaning an entire makeover from top to toe 😀

I’ve been exercising 3-4 times a week, each session about an hour. It really clears your mind, besides a good workout really sweats you out! My only weakness, I love love love food! Readers out there, if you’ve been to Singapore, you will know what Singapore has to offer in terms of food! I mean majority of Singaporeans still don’t know what good food is moreover than appreciate it. However, if you do your research you will realize Singapore has a look of authenticity, culture and wonderful food to tingle your taste buds! That I need to work on in order to change my diet.

A makeover for myself! Yay! I’m actually very excited, looking at a lot of trendy clothes, bags and make ups to see what actually suits me. All along I wanted a new handbag/sling bag and I’ve picked out which one I wanted. Yesterday, it was also the only day my mum and I get to spent dinner together alone. So I told her i’m interested in seeing this bag and have been thinking for months. It would be great if we can go take a look.

The bag I was looking for comes in several colors. The sale representative was informative and young so she recommended gave me good advice. She asked me this question:

What colors of clothes do you usually wear? Is it slightly to a darker tone or to a livelier brighter colors?

That’s when I realize, my life is constantly full of colors. It just depends on how I see it. My clothes are hardly dark colored. Some how, I always prefer a burst in colors in what I wear or carry.

Look at your surroundings, you are seeing a myriad of colors. But have you ever taken the time to appreciate the colors in your life? My life right now is already as dark as it is, the colors around me is a representation of hope for me. It’s telling me that there’s still something good to look forward to in life. So why choose to see your world in black and white. When colors are so much more beautiful and wonderful to look at through your eyes.

I do hope that readers out there will take sometime to appreciate the colors they see. Just take a minute, be it your commute to work or even when you are home enjoying time with your family. Colors are surrounded in your life, take it all in and appreciate it all. Its one of the joys that many of us takes for granted.