At Cafe 6

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Watched a movie called At Cafe 6, remarkably how the movie ended with a Chinese phrase strike my thoughts the most.

It ended with a sentence (paraphrasing):

Similar story, different life. 

This movie is called At Cafe 6 based on a Chinese Novel. This novel is fiction and is about the life of the main character name Guan Min Lu. This movie is about this main character’s life, how he has been through 6 stages in life.

I’ll explain it briefly the 6 stages of life he has went through:

  1. He came from a single parent Family (his first life), however never did feel ashamed or embarrassed by this background. It was just that he felt that it was a dead end that something he cannot change. Therefore, succumb to his First life of being a child, single handedly raised by his mum
  2. Second stage of his life, falling hard for his crush that he’s been secretly in love with her for 2 years. He love this girl name Lin Xin Ru and he was happy. Promised her to try to get into the same college as her to prevent a long distance relationship from happening
  3. Third stage of his life, did not managed to get into the same college with Li Xin Ru. Resulted in a long distance relationship. In order not to make this relationship a dead end, he works several part time jobs just to save up train fares to visit her
  4. Fourth stage of his life was the break up with Li Xin Ru. As time goes by, Li Xin Ru has started to mature into a fine lady who knew what she wanted in life. She has changed into a person who knew what her goal was. While Guan Min Lu was so fixated on her, not having to think about his future. He did not change, but Li Xin Ru did. Their perspective, views and their future are no longer aligned. Thus, it was a dead end for him and thus the split
  5. Fifth stage of his life. Guan Min Lu lost his mum. He was so focused and given all his attention to his love life, he has actually neglected his mum the whole time. His mum was critically ill but never once did she tell him as she was worried that it might affect this final exams. As a result, Guan Min Lu did not know that his mum was sick and never did he managed to say goodbye to her
  6. The last stage of his life, he has lost everything. Lost the love of his life, lost the only family member he has left. Life was full of constant dead end for him. The world was too much for him, too much sadness and pain for him to continue his life.

After watching this movie, it has brought me back to my own high school days. Thinking back of how I loved my first crush for 5-6 years and no action was ever taken. Reflected how I hated my parents for their divorce therefore being such a rebellious teenage girl. Was so disgusted that nothing happened in my love life then and my family was broken apart. I chose to run. Ran away to Australia to pursue my degree and to gain a new perspective of what life truly is. Right now, i’m still dealing with my parents divorce, no love life.

But I do know something. Running away to Australia then was a right choice (not saying that running can solve my problem), it made me into a girl who truly knows what she is capable of. I grew more independent, capable of handling my financials, knowing how to take good care of myself, able to handle lots of pressure since I was a child. Right now, I have a mum who love me so dearly. I’ve friends who cares so much about me. This broken love relationship taught me what I want from a guy. Like literally what exactly I want my husband to be like and what traits and personality i’m looking for in a guy.

After all these years, I’ve learnt that running cannot solve a problem. The only thing is to face it head on no matter how tough it is. Right now, letting go, forgiving me and my ex and moving on is just a hurdle in life. I need to get out of it in order to invite something else better in my life. I will not let the bitterness in my life to get hold of me.

This movie brought me a new perspective of what life is. Never to ever take things for granted in life. Treasure and cherish what you love before time runs out.