The day we parted, was the day we said goodbye to each other.

Till today, i’ve not seen the good in goodbye yet,

Still as silly and missing and thinking about you all the time.


Loving you was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

You have given me a whole new perspective into what life is,

I’ll be forever grateful to you.

But I’ve to let go of you, to lead the colourful life you have taught me to.


You were once my Everything.

Promises we once made,

Future that we once imagine,

Times we spent together talking, laughing and tickling

Were once my joy and love for you.

But I’ve to let go of you, as these memories are haunting me.


Is excruciating to hold onto you.

Is as if my hands are not able to let go a scorching hot-pot,

Having it burning in my hands till is bleeding and blistered.

I don’t know how to let go, but I know I’m strong enough to find a way.

Time will eventually cover the wounds that you scared me.


I’ve to let you go.

I need to find someone else to hold onto and never let go.

That person will be me, to love myself more than you.