The past is over, the present is now, the future is tomorrow. 

Whatever that was over, cannot be change or salvage. We can only look forward to the present and be in the present moment to strive to achieve what we want for tomorrow.

I really wish I can take these words in and apply it to my current situation. 

Yesterday, I was selling some stuff of mine on Carousell, mainly it was the watch that we got together. It’s an IWC father and son series, and we both liked it so much then we decided to get it as a Couples watch. He bought the Father and I purchased the Son of the series. It took me several months to think carefully before purchasing that watch. I still remembered the reasons why:

  1. Its not a small sum of money for both of us
  2. This watch to me meant a commitment and an engagement to him. To marry him and live with him of the rest of my life
  3. This watch represented us as a couple, wearing it is a reminder of my him when he’s not around
  4. We wanted to wear this watch on our wedding day

It was sentimental to me.

At the same time, I saw him posting a new bike frame and my old cycling trainer and shoes on sale. When I took my things, I left all my cycling equipment behind as I no longer want to continue road cycling. I fell off my bike 3 times and injured my back since beginning of the year. Even though the falls were minor, my back is still not recovered even though I went to the physician a couple of times. I told my ex to sell everything that I didn’t take including my bike (he bought it for me as my 2016 new year resolution). However, I didn’t expect that he purchased a new bike frame for me. He made a passing comment but I didn’t take it to heart as I told him to not upgrade me for the moment. I guess he bought it then still thinking we could work things out and he was still thinking about me.

Looking at it, a sense of emotions rested upon me. It’s a feeling that I’ve not experienced and is hard to describe. I don’t feel upset but I felt that something was just pulling me backwards and I cannot move forward. For a moment, I was spaced out and my brain cannot comprehend other things beside that post. It took me a few minutes to process all in and close the Internet Browser window and carried on with my work. 

Has anyone felt like this or a similar feeling like this? If so, please share because I’m curious to know why am I feeling this way. 

On the side note, I went to watch Ghostbusters! A great show, full of excitements, actions and of course funny scenes! It’s a great movie and I love Melissa Mccarthy together with Kristen Wig! Both of them are a good pair when it comes to acting, they never fail not to crack me up! Overall a good movie to just end the day with and not think about anything else after that. As usual, there’s always a hidden meaning to every movie. As for this movie, I’ve learnt that:

To always believe in yourself even if no one elses believe in you. Also, true friends will always have your back no matter what happens. Treasure them and they will do the same for you.