Had a very very busy week at my roadshow event. Well, it was a horrible roadshow event. Sales was very disappointing and of course so were the bosses face after that.

While at the roadshow, was it on a Tuesday? He updated an his Instagram of a photo himself enjoying a BBQ with people he treasure. Got very emotional but of course just continue on and went on with my day. After that, I deactivated my Whatsapp (truth be told, sometime i will input back this number in my contact list and see his status on whatsapp). So right now I’m just on cold turkey trying to fight of an addiction. I read somewhere, by breaking up with someone, you will experience a drug withdrawal symptom.

For the rest of the week, I was proud of myself. I didn’t think much about him mainly because I had my colleagues to talk to and to keep me occupied. So exhausted every night and just crashed in bed and woke up the next day for work. I’m slowly getting back to my usual routine of just being me again. Cold turkey does help you to fight an addiction but it takes a lot of determination and self-control on your part too.

Gave myself till end of August and then to stop thinking about him and just move on. I feel that right now, part of me is already starting to move on. Not completely but at peace with the idea that I’m a self-reliant girl that doesn’t need a companion to be happy.

Work and love life has not been going well. All I need to do now is actually to take a few days break to clear my mind. To ponder what exactly I want in life. I really wish I can travel out of Singapore just for a few days and to get things back into perspective.