Never would I realised that Singapore Botanical Gardens was a place filled with tranquility. I mean, the last time i was there was a teenager running through the whole premises.

Yesterday, i’ve went back there with a few of my friends for a small picnic. A whole new set of perspective of how i see Botanical Garden has changed. The trees and flowers were so well taken care of, you can even smell the freshness of the grass when you walk through it. Everything was so lush and actually opulent. A splendid place to go for a light reading alone, family time or just spending some time together with your another half.

Maybe i’m just getting older, learning to appreciate the nature more. I’m glad that I am observing more, learning to take in more things and just letting it process in my mind and feel things in a different mindset. Somehow, getting out to literally fresh air taught me, there’s so much more things in life than to waddle in my own pond of sadness.

It was a joy to have spend such a wonderful afternoon with the girls. Afterwards, was having dinner and having some drinks. With the needed alcohol in my system, i was able to sleep through the night soundly. Waking up really early though.

Till today, thoughts of him is still on mind. I would have to say is only getting 1% lesser each day. Such a slow progress, but still a progress. I’ve even gotten news about him enjoying his life everyday and moving on. Even a possibility of seeing someone new already.

Hearing this news, well it was mixed feelings. My initial thoughts were, such a jerk, bastard already have the possibility of sleeping with someone new. Screw you dickhead and hope you get STDs. Settling down and giving my mind to process. Maybe is a good thing, it means that i didn’t hurt him so bad to the point he cannot recover (at least that what he always said).

Nonetheless, I have to accept that his business and his life is no longer mine to care. I need to lead my own life for myself.

Grrrr…. roadshow officially starts tomorrow but i’m already starting it later at 10pm. Well, is a much needed time for me to just focus on career! So why not! Bring it on! I will not collapse and be present and on duty on Monday morning at 9am too!